Admins can now automatically populate the Account name for each Zendesk ticket of a Zendesk Organization.

The Org Mapping Setup feature at  Administration > Connectors > Zendesk enables you to accelerate and automate the process of mapping Zendesk Organizations to Accounts. You can upload a CSV file containing a bridge table for Zendesk Organizations and Accounts, choose to use a custom SFDC object, or a standard SFDC object to store the Zendesk Organizations and Accounts mapping.


  • If you already have the Zendesk Organization and Account stored in the Account object, you can use that object directly in Automatic Mapping Options.
  • Data Upsert is performed when you choose Automatic Mapping Options or Upload via CSV.
  • No validations are performed to check if the mapping data that is uploaded is correct.
  • MDA objects are unsupported.  


  • Create a list of all the account IDs, Zendesk Organization IDs, and names to perform a successful mapping.
  • Ensure that MDA is authorized in the Administration > Connectors page. Refer Authorize Matrix Data Platform (MDA) for the instructions.


  • You can arrange the list according to CSV Format for mapping, or you may prefer to use a custom object that stores the collected data required for mapping.
  • We sync 100K records in the first run. Remaining records are fetched in the next run.

CSV Format

The CSV file should be of the following format:

ZendeskOrganizationId, AccountName, ZendeskOrganizationName, AccountId


  • Supports CSV file size of up to 4 MB.
  • Validations are performed only on ZendeskOrganizationId and AccountId, and to check whether the Account is a Gainsight Customer.

Map Zendesk Organization to Accounts

To map Zendesk Organizations to Accounts:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Connectors > Zendesk.
  2. Switch the Zendesk toggle button to ON.
  3. In the enter subdomain field, enter the subdomain name.
  4. Click AUTHORIZE.

Admin > Connectors > Zendesk.png

  1. Refresh the page to see the Org Mapping Setup feature.
  1. Perform org mapping with either of the following options:


  • You may encounter a Heroku timeout based on your Internet speed. In this case, upload the CSV file again.
  • You must use the following data types for mapping:
    • For Account ID: Id (Only if we consider account object for mapping) or Lookup/master-detail to Account field.
    • For Account Name and Organisation Name: Text fields.
    • For Organisation Id: Text or Number.

Upload via CSV

To upload records via CSV:

  1. Click Upload via CSV.
  1. Click BROWSE and select the appropriate CSV file.
  2. Click UPLOAD NOW.

You will receive an email that contains the number of records successfully uploaded and failed. In addition, the email includes an attachment that contains the list of records that have failed, if any.

Automatic Mapping Options

To upload data using an object:

  1. Click Automatic Mapping Options.
  1. From Auto Mapping Object, select the Gainsight custom object that you created to store the Zendesk Organizations and Accounts mapping details. For example, in the image above we are selecting the BulkMapping object, which is a custom object.

Note: The Field Mapping section displays all the fields from the selected custom object.

  1. From Account Id, select the field that represents the account ID.

Note: This field must be a lookup or a master-detail relation to Account.

  1. From Account Name, select the appropriate field that represents the account name.
  2. From Zendesk Organization Id, select the appropriate field that represents the Zendesk organization ID.
  3. From Zendesk Organization Name, select the appropriate field that represents the Zendesk organization name.
  4. Click SAVE.


  • Once the mapping is performed using an object, we cannot revert back. If you need to override something, use the Upload via CSV option to perform the desired modifications.
  • We update mappings only for the Gainsight customers (Customer Info) and not all records from the Accounts object.
  • All fields must be mapped.
  • If Zendesk tickets are already synced, we will sync the Zendesk Organization and Account mapping at the scheduled time. Otherwise, by default, the sync Zendesk Organization and Account mapping) will happen at 7 AM UTC. For more information on how to integrate Zendesk within Gainsight, refer Zendesk: Enabling the Integration.