Gainsight offers the ability to send emails through the Marketo API. This article will walk you through the necessary steps to setup the integration from within Gainsight.

Step 1: Enable Matrix Data Architecture Connection

  • Navigate to Administration > Operations > MDA Services in Gainsight
  • Click Edit next to Matrix Data Architecture Settings
  • Check the box next to Matrix Data Architecture Connection
  • Click Save

Note: If this is already completed, move to Step 2.

Step 2: Authorize MDA

  • Under Administration, click Operations > Connectors
  • For MDA, click Authorize
  • Click Allow

Step 3: Turn on Marketo Integration

  • Under Administration > Operations > Connectors > click Marketo
  • Fill in details from Marketo database including: SOAP Endpoint URL, User ID and Encryption Key
  • Click Save

In order to utilize the Marketo integration, make sure you have also completed the appropriate configurations within Marketo. For more information, refer Marketo: Setup Steps in Marketo.

Once you have completed all configurations within Gainsight and Marketo, you will be able to use the integration to send survey emails and to trigger emails using the rules engine.



Distribute via Survey Module: 1000 / schedule

Distribute via Rules Engine: 200k per rule run

Copilot : Not Applicable