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FAQs: Segment Integration with Gainsight

Below are some basic questions about Segment integration with Gainsight. If you have a question that's not answered here or through related support articles, please email If you have enhancement suggestions, please post them to Gainsight's Community. If you are interested in setting up Segment integration within your org, please contact your CSM or your Engagement Manager if you are onboarding.

What is Segment integration with Gainsight?

Segment is a platform that captures customer usage data from your website. You can integrate Segment with Gainsight to ingest customer usage data into the MDA objects. Example: Usage data may include the page views on a product in an ecommerce site or tracking of the customer activities in your website over a period of time.

How is the Usage Data captured by Segment useful to the Gainsight customers?

Usage data stored in Gainsight through the Segment integration can be analysed and is helpful to design a better product, provide amazing customer service, grow your audience with personalized campaigns, etc.

How do I establish the integration of Segment with Gainsight?

Copy the access key generated in a Gainsight org while creating a connection with Segment. You can use this access key to map the Segment data to the Gainsight org while creating a connection with Gainsight in Segment. For detailed information, refer Segment: Enabling the Integration.

What are the Segment call types that are supported in Gainsight to store the usage data?

Event, People, and Group

Which Segment call types are not supported in Gainsight to store the usage data?

Page, Alias, and Screen call types are not currently supported.

How many data jobs can be configured in a Segment connection?

You can configure as many segment data jobs as required with one job per connection. You can create multiple connections per Gainsight Org.

Will my existing data jobs be impacted when Segment 1.0 is upgraded to Segment 2.0?

None of the existing data jobs are affected.

Can I make changes to existing project configurations in Segment 1.0?

No, it’s not recommended to make changes to the project configuration in Segment 1.0, now that Segment 2.0 is available to set up new projects.

Will the MDA objects that are ingested with usage data from Segment support MDA Joins?

Yes, as these are custom objects.

How frequently will the usage data be pushed into Gainsight from Segment?

As soon as the customer actions are tracked in Segment. You can expect the usage data will be ingested into Gainsight approximately within an hour after the customer actions are tracked in Segment.

How long is the raw usage data from a Segment 1.0 integration stored in the MDA?

The raw usage data ingested from a Segment 1.0 integration is stored for 21 days in MDA and it is deleted after this period. After the data is deleted from MDA, it is archived to an S3 bucket, but it’s difficult to retrieve.

How do I ingest additional data into Gainsight at a later point in time?

You can add additional fields in the MDA objects that are used to ingest customer usage data. You can map these new fields with the Segment fields in the Map MetaData section of the Segment integration page in Gainsight so that the additional data will be ingested into these MDA objects. These new fields in the MDA object are populated with Segment Data for the records that are updated or inserted in the Segment from the date of this field mapping between Segment and MDA object. New fields are not populated with Segment data for all the historic records.

What are the advantages of Segment in Connectors 2.0, over Segment 1.0?

  • Segment 2.0 is robust, scalable, and has an improved UI.
  • It allows you to create multiple projects per org, which was limited to only one in Segment 1.0.
  • It allows mapping the required fields so that only desired data would be ingested in Gainsight, hence providing more flexibility to the Admins.
  • Aggregation is separated from the Segment connector. Admins can now perform the aggregations through Bionic Rules.
  • Connectors 2.0 framework supports multiple connections, Segment, Mixpanel, or Google Analytics to ingest usage data into Gainsight separately.
  • It supports Transformation on the Events, People, and Group data.
  • You can now review the data to be ingested in Segment 2.0 integration page.
  • You can now check the audit logs and execution logs for each Segment data job.

Where do I perform the data aggregations after the usage data tracked by Segment is loaded into the MDA objects?

You can perform aggregations of the customer usage data with Bionic Rules. To perform usage data aggregations and to schedule them, refer Tutorial - Aggregate Usage Data with Bionic Rules.

Can I selectively transmit events to Gainsight from Segment?

Yes, you can use whitelisting in Segment to control the number of events that are transmitted to Gainsight. For more information on how to perform whitelisting within Segment, refer Segment: Enabling the Integration.

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