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Data Load API FAQs

What are Data Load APIs and when do I use them?

Use data load APIs when you want automated data loads, or when you want to integrate with Mulesoft, Informatica or any other ETL tool.

How is Data Load API different from a desktop based Data Loader Tool (jar)?

Data Load API lets you automate data ingested into MDA. You need to manually create mappings.json for the CSV file and send the request via CURL command. This requires technical knowledge about the APIs. You will need to manually track the status of your file upload.

A Data Loader Tool is a UI-based tool to facilitate data ingestion. Use of this tool is currently not supported as part of a Data Load with Gainsight and should not be used for this process.

What is a Subject Area?

A place where you store your data. It's tabular data where data is stored across columns. (It's just like a SQL table.)

You can use the Data Management tool to manage your subject areas in Gainsight. This tool will allow you to add different fields and generate the curl for the API load.

What are the data types supported in Subject Area (in MDA)?

STRING - Any text. Maximum length of the text is 255 characters.

NUMBER - whole number or number with decimal places

DATE - stores the date component

DATETIME - stores date along with time

BOOLEAN - true/false or 0/1

Where can I find documentation for Data Load API?

MDA API Documentation

What is the CURL command for Data Load API?

CURL command is a command line tool to package authentication details, mappings, and CSV file in a single request and hit the server. It also prints the server's response. Typically, when you hit Data Load API, and the request is successful, it returns a statusID that can be used to track the status of the file load.

Can I send a large file Data Load APIs?

In one CURL command or in one request to Data Load API, you can send a file of 80MB or less. If you post a file which is bigger than this size, you may get an error like: "413: Request Entity Too Large"

I loaded a CSV file and I am still not able to see data in Reports.

Possible reasons:

1. Your curl command failed. There can be many reasons CURL commands can fail (network issue, timeout, etc.) [screenshot below]

2. Curl command passed, but MDA server returned error code.

3. Your csv file was posted to the queue, and there are other heavy data loads happening at the same time. In such cases, this may be delayed but eventually saved in database.

4. Possibly all records from CSV failed while processing data. Use the status API to check how many records failed. You can query for failed records and obtain the reason.

Why does Data Load API process data asynchronously?

Processing new data for validation and loading into database takes time. Data Load API takes this data and inserts it into the processing queue. Queue processes this asynchronously and updates the status ID when done.You can query this status ID and check for any failure records.

How can I check status of a CSV upload?

Data Load APIs has one API to check the status of file upload. When you hit the curl command, on success, it returns a status ID.

In addition, you can login to Gainsight and navigate to Administration > Connectors > Data Load Configuration > View Data Load API Logs.

Does Data Load API work for sandbox Salesforce orgs?


Where can I find the Access Key? How do I reset the access key?

The Access Key is a secret key to load data for a particular tenant in MDA. These are unique and secret for each of our customers. Login to the org and navigate to Administration > Connectors > Data Load Configuration page. Click the Reset Access Key option and it will generate a new access key. Note: this will invalidate any existing key.

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