The S3 Connector provides a way to move data into Gainsight. Gainsight built a connector that will consume data from an S3 ‘bucket’ directly into Gainsight.

What is ‘S3’?

Amazon’s S3 is a service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides secure, durable highly-scalable object storage. Refer to Amazon’s Article to learn more.

How does the Gainsight’s S3 Connector work?

a. The Connector will connect your S3 bucket to one Subject Area within Gainsight’s Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)

b. All of the mappings between your file and the MDA Subject Area are created and maintained within Gainsight’s UI.

c. A schedule is then created within Gainsight UI that will pull data from the file in S3 into the MDA Subject Area. You can create the schedule to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What are the advantages of using the S3 Connector?

a. The Gainsight S3 Connector combines the benefits of leveraging an Amazon service with the simplicity of managing its data connection directly in Gainsight’s UI. 

b. Amazon’s S3 service provides a low-cost, high-performing and secure data storage service that is compatible with a range of data load tools.

c. The ability to create, manage and troubleshoot your data load into Gainsight ensures you have control and visibility on the data flow from your key systems into Gainsight.

How do I push files into the S3 Bucket to be consumed into Gainsight?

You can use any tool that’s compatible with S3, but we’ve found that these tools will work:

Tool & References

AWS-S3 commands - URL for s3 commands

AWS-S3 API - URL for S3 API using Python examples

GUI tool: S3 Browser - (works with Windows only)

GUI tool: Cyberduck - (works with Windows+Mac) For tips working with Cyberduck head here.

ETL Tools: Most common ETL Tools support an S3 Connection

If I want to use the S3 Connector, how do I get started?

a. The setup of the S3 Connector should be scoped into your Statement of Work and will be addressed as part of your implementation.

b. If you did not have the S3 Connector included in your Statement of Work, contact

c. Gainsight's Services team will setup the S3 bucket for your organization.

What are the current limitations with the Connector?

Refer to the Gainsight S3 Connector documentation for limitations. File size uploads are limited to 200 MB.

How long should the "Post File Update" take?

Changes should take place immediately, but may be delayed by a few minutes depending on the amount of requests in our queue.

When will the input, archived, and error folders be created?

These folders will be created after your first data ingest job is successfully setup.

If no file has been added to the input pathway during the scheduled data ingest job, what will occur?

The data ingest job will not run if a file has not been added. This will not result in an error message.