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Export Success Snapshot Presentations

Important: You will no longer be able to create new 1.0 Snapshots. Existing 1.0 Snapshots can still be exported and edited. We have improved the functionality in Success Snapshots 2.0, including enhanced control over the template layouts, better support for your branding elements, and support for slides with multiple content types. For detailed information on how to configure and export the 2.0 Snapshots, refer to the Configure Success Snapshots 2.0 Template and Export Success Snapshots 2.0 Presentations articles.

Once Admins setup a Success Snapshots template, CSMs can export a presentation file for any customer from the Customer 360. In addition, Success Snapshot templates are used to export Success Plans from the Customer/Relationship 360. For Admin instructions, refer to Configure Success Snapshot Template.

To watch an 8-minute training video on how to prepare your file, configure the template, and export Success Snapshots, click here.

Export Success Snapshot Presentation from 360 Page

To create a Success Snapshot presentation file for an individual customer:

  1. Navigate to the Customer/Relationship 360 page
  2. Click Export
  3. Select the appropriate Success Snapshot template*
    Once the export is completed, as a logged-in user, you will receive an email with the PowerPoint attached. This PowerPoint Presentation contains the data that is filtered based on the information available in the 360 page for the specific customer/account


  • You can open the exported Success Snapshot template in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, however Apple Keynote files are currently not supported.
  • If your Success Snapshot template includes a Success Plan placeholder, it will be included in the export.
  • *If you don't see your template in the drop-down menu on the 360, it may be because the last person viewing or editing the template did not click "Done" on the SLIDE OUTLINE tab, which validates the template and makes it visible in the 360.

Export Success Plans from 360 Page

To export only the Success Plan, navigate to the Success Plans section on the C360/R360. Click the three orange dots, and select Export Plan as PPT. For more information, see the Exporting Success Plans article.

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