Gainsight Vault is a best practice library of ready-to-use Gainsight Assets (Playbooks, Surveys, CoPilot Templates, Reports, and Rules). This extensive collection of Assets allows customers to quickly get the most out of their instance and roll out robust business processes. This article will detail how to leverage Vault to increase the efficiency of your Executive Business Review preparation process. This process will ensure consistency in scheduling and preparation.

We recommend importing (and configuring) the following Vault Assets to support your program:

  1. CTAs to set the cadence of EBRs
  2. CoPilot Email Templates to schedule meetings and notify management
  3. Playbooks to ensure adequate preparation
  4. Reports for CSMs and Management to review upcoming EBRs

Navigate to Vault

Currently, you can import Playbooks, Surveys, Email Templates, and Rules & Reports into your org. To access Vault Assets, navigate to the Asset type location (see the example of Email Templates below), or click the Vault tab.

Executive Business Review Program Assets

Navigate to Vault > Operationalize Customer Lifecycle folder > Executive Business Reviews sub-folder.

1. Download Rules to trigger scheduling CTAs

Utilize three rules to create CTAs to regularly schedule EBRs. The combination of these rules will set the first EBR 6 months after customer Original Contract Date and every 6 months thereafter.

2. Download CoPilot Templates to reach out to customer and notify management

3. Download Playbooks to manage the EBR process

  • A Playbook provides consistent, actionable steps to ensure that CSMs are prepared for EBRs and that they are conducted regularly. Download the Executive Business Review Playbook.
  • This playbook includes tasks to reach out to the customer for scheduling, reviewing usage data, building a slide deck, and sending a meeting summary and action items after the EBR is conducted.

4. Download EBR CTA Report

  • Reports allow CSMs and Management to review the status of upcoming EBR tasks, including CTA Owner and Due Date. Download the List of Open EBR CTAs Report.

As always, you can download these Assets in just a few easy clicks, and they’re immediately ready for use. For more Vault best practices, check out the recording of our Gainsight on Gainsight: How to Take Advantage of Vault webinar.