Gainsight Vault is a best practice library of ready-to-use Gainsight Assets (Playbooks, Surveys, CoPilot Templates, Reports and Rules). This extensive collection of Assets allows customers to quickly get the most out of their instance and roll out robust business processes. This article will detail how to leverage Vault to build out your Advocacy program. An Advocacy program leverages some of your strongest customers to act as references for prospects (events may include reference calls, case studies, event/webinar speakers, etc.).

Maintaining your Advocacy program within Gainsight will require a number of different components, including using the system to determine your Advocate pool, based on attributes such as NPS Promoters and Healthy Habits.

At a high level, we recommend importing (and configuring) the Vault Assets to support your NPS program with the following tasks:

  1. Survey Templates to gage willingness to participate in Advocacy and to gather feedback on the process
  2. CoPilot Email Templates to reach your potential Advocates in a 1:M way
  3. Playbooks to address potential Advocates
  4. Playbooks to guide the Customer Reference process

Navigate to Vault

Navigate to Vault

To access Vault assets, navigate to the asset type location (see the example of Email templates above), or optionally your SFDC Admin can configure a custom tab for Vault.

Advocacy Program Assets

Navigate to Vault > Drive Expansion & Advocacy folder > Finding Customer Advocates sub-folder (or just click the linked assets below).

1. Download key Surveys to build out your Advocacy Program

  • Determine which customers are willing to participate in your Advocacy Program by downloading the Customer Advocacy Survey from Vault.
    • Determining who to send this Survey to will be based on your Advocate pool (NPS & Habits are a good place to start)
  • Collect feedback on the efficacy of your Advocacy program after someone has participated in an Advocacy event by leveraging the Advocacy Feedback Survey.

2. Download CoPilot Templates to reach potential Advocates

3. Download Playbooks to manage potential Advocates

  • Playbooks provide actionable steps to secure advocates. Download the Sentiment Opportunity: High NPS Rating and Habits Opportunity: High Adoption Playbooks
    • (Rules for these Playbooks are included in the Sentiment Risk sub-folder & Habits Risk sub-folder)
  • Similar to the CoPilot Templates above, these Playbooks include thanking and/or congratulating customers, determining Advocacy fit, and passing on to the Customer Marketing team.

4. Download Playbook to guide the Customer Reference process

  • Manage your customers through the Reference process from initial reach out to a ‘thank you’ gift with the Customer Reference Playbook.
  • This Playbook is used when a customer is entered into the Advocacy pipeline. Tasks include asking the customer to be a reference, introducing customer to Sales rep & prospect, and sending them a ‘thank you’ gift after they’ve participated in the Advocacy event.

As always, you can download these Assets in just a few easy clicks, and they’re immediately ready for use. Once downloaded and used in tandem, you’ll have a fully functional Advocacy program to enable your Customer Marketing team.

For more Vault best practices, check out this recording of our Gainsight on Gainsight: How to Take Advantage of Vault webinar.