Gainsight Vault is a best practice library of ready-to-use Gainsight Assets (Playbooks, Surveys, CoPilot Templates, Reports and Rules). This extensive collection of Assets allows customers to quickly get the most out of their instance. This article explains how to access Report templates and configure a Dashboard that allows you to quickly get valuable executive-level insights from your Gainsight data.

Navigate to Vault > Executive Dashboard Reports

To access Vault Assets, navigate to the Asset type location (see the Reports example below), or click the Vault tab. Then click the Executive Dashboard folder to see all of the report assets, or, click the links below to access each asset.


1. Download Report Assets

If you haven’t built any Executive-level Reports yet, we recommend downloading all of the Reports in the ‘Executive Dashboard’ folder (listed below). Once downloaded, new Reports will appear in the Repository under Administration > Report Builder.

You can configure an Executive Dashboard by importing the following Assets from Vault:

  1. Count of Accounts by Account Stage
  2. Count of Accounts by CSM by Team
  3. Count of Accounts by CSM
  4. Percentage of NPS Respondents by Response Type by CSM
  5. Percentage of NPS Respondents by Response Type by Team
  6. Sum of ARR by Account Stage
  7. Sum of ARR by CSM
  8. Sum of ARR by Industry (Pie Chart)
  9. Sum of ARR by OCD month by Stage
  10. Sum of ARR by Renewal Date
  11. Sum of ARR by Segment (Pie Chart)
  12. Sum of ARR by CSM by Team

2. Build Executive Dashboard

After downloading all of the Reports, you can assemble them in one easily accessible place by creating a Dashboard. If you have never configured a Dashboard, see this article for a step-by-step explanation.

After saving the Dashboard, you can view it on the Gainsight tab.