Gainsight Vault is a best practice library of ready-to-use Gainsight Assets (Playbooks, Surveys, CoPilot Templates, and Rules). This extensive collection of Assets allows customers to quickly get the most out of their instance and configure advanced use cases. Any asset you download from Vault can be modified for use in your own org. This article describes how to leverage Vault assets to build out an effective and insightful NPS program.

At a high level, you will import (and configure) Vault assets to support your NPS program for these tasks:

  1. NPS Survey template

  2. CoPilot Email template to distribute Survey

  3. CoPilot Email templates to respond to Survey participants

  4. Rules to categorize NPS respondents

  5. Rule to trigger CTA for CSM about NPS responses

  6. Playbooks to guide CSM follow-up

Navigate to Vault

Navigate to Vault

To access Vault assets, navigate to the asset type location (see the example of Email templates below), or optionally your SFDC Admin can configure a custom tab for Vault. You can also just click the linked assets below to open a preview window. You will be prompted to login to Gainsight if you aren't already.

NPS Program Assets

NPS Program Assets

From Vault, navigate to the Manage Customer Risk folder > Sentiment Risk sub-folder. To narrow down the list of resources, search for “NPS” in the search bar in the top right.

1. Download NPS Survey

If you haven’t built your NPS Survey yet, download the template called General NPS Survey. After you download the survey, it's available in the ‘Drafts’ tab of the Survey module.

2. Download CoPilot Email Templates to Distribute Survey

You can use CoPilot Templates from Vault to automate the delivery of your Survey and determine the outreach cadence. There are two templates you may find useful:

  1. NPS Survey Email: Template to send out the NPS Survey
  2. Internal - NPS Notifications to CSMs: Notifies CSMs whenever a survey is sent to one of their customers

3. Download CoPilot Email Templates to respond to Survey participants

To fully automate the NPS distribution process, you can program CoPilot Outreaches to reply to survey participants based on their type of NPS response. Available Email Templates in Vault are listed below, but you'll still need to create Power Lists based off incoming NPS scores. For more information on setting up Power Lists, click here.

  1. NPS Promoter Response
  2. NPS Passive Response

  3. NPS Detractor Response

4. Download Rules to organize responses from NPS Surveys

After you’ve collected the NPS Survey responses, you can use Rules to segment - or bucket - your customers according to their NPS responses. You can use this segmentation in Reports and Dashboards to gain additional insights on the drivers behind promoter and detractor scores. Available Rule Templates in Vault include:

  1. NPS Bucketing 1: Load Default to Customer Info V1: Set all customers’ Average NPS Bucket to No Recent Responses
  2. NPS Bucketing 2: Load Promoter, Passive and Detractor to Customer Info V1: Sets an average NPS Bucket based on the trailing 6 month average. This allows for easier segmentation and Group By in Report Builder. Note: this will write over the data from the NPS Bucketing 1 rule.

5. Download Rule to trigger CTA for CSM about NPS responses

To automatically inform CSMs of the outcome of NPS surveys, use the Create CTAs based on Yesterday’s NPS Responses V1 Rule, instead of setting up CTAs for each Survey.

6. Download Playbooks to guide CSM response to survey participants

The final step necessary is to download Playbooks with a specific set of action steps for each type of NPS respondent. These can be used independently or in parallel with the CTAs mentioned in the previous section:

  1. Sentiment Risk: Low NPS Rating
  2. Sentiment Risk: Neutral NPS Rating
  3. Sentiment Opportunity: High NPS Rating