If you have deployed Gainsight's Zendesk Connector and wish to automate the mapping between a Zendesk Organization and Salesforce Account (which is designed to be a manual process), you can purchase a Services Package to enable it. Please contact your Gainsight CSM for pricing and purchasing options.

Prerequisites for Customer

  • Verify that all Salesforce Accounts exist as Zendesk Organizations and there is a process in place to add new Zendesk Orgs as new accounts are added.
  • Determine there is a process in place that maps the Zendesk Org ID to a Salesforce Account ID.
  • Validate that the Customer can continuously provide the mapping between Zendesk Org ID and Salesforce Account ID to Gainsight (either in Salesforce or can send the mapping to the MDA).

Mapping between Zendesk Organization and Salesforce Account

Mapping will be automated using rules configured in the Gainsight’s Rules Engine (this is setup by the purchased Services Package). It is a one-time setup by Gainsight Services, and then the rules that automate the mapping will be maintained by the Customer.