Success Plans help CSMs monitor and drive success with individual customers based on long-term strategic objectives and criteria that they define. Success Plans use a Call to Action (CTA) type called Objectives. Success Plans may be composed of one or more Objective CTAs, and may include associated Tasks, either manually created or applied through Playbooks. In general, Success Plans for Relationships function the same way they do for Accounts.

To configure Success Plans for the Relationship 360 (R360)

1. Navigate to Administration > Workflow > Success Plans; then select Relationship.


2. Configure Success Plan types, including customizing the plan info layout's information fields, creating objective categories, and optionally creating Success Plan templates and enabling Chatter at the Success Plan level.

3. Add a Success Plan section to R360

Add a Success Plan Section to R360

1. Navigate to Administration > General > Relationships.

2. Click the Gear icon of an existing relationship type.


3. Drag-and-drop Success Plans from under Sections to 360 view.


4. Navigate to Customers > [click on the desired customer] > Relationships > [Click on an existing relationship].


Exporting Success Plans as PPT

You can export Success Plans as a PPT using the Export Plan as PPT option as shown in the image below.