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Identify Company Duplicates

Gainsight NXT - Articles Impacted due to July, 2023 Release

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our documentation is being updated to match the new July 2023 release (v6.37) navigation changes. Technical Communication team is working diligently to align everything as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

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This article explains to admins about how to use Data Steward to resolve duplicate company records in Gainsight.

Merge Duplicate Records

You can merge duplicate records from the Edit Record Group page. You must select a winning record from the two records to merge them. The other record will be deleted from the Company object. For more information on how to merge company records, refer to the Company Merge article.

Note: The merge operation could take a few minutes, therefore we recommend that you do not perform any more activities on the Record Group until that time. Please wait until the merge operation is completed and the winning record is displayed in the Data Steward page.

To merge duplicate records:

  1. Navigate to the Administration > Customer Data > Data Steward.
  2. Duplicate records in Gainsight are displayed by default in the Data Steward page.

  3. Click the three vertical dots menu of a Record Group and select Manage Record Group. Manage Record Group page is displayed.

  4. The first two duplicate records are selected by default, click Merge Records. You can only merge two records at once. The Company Merge page is opened in a new tab.

For more information about how to merge two company records, refer to the Company Merge article.

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