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Create and Configure an Advanced Outreach

This article will describe how to create an Advanced Outreach, as well as define the initial configuration terms.

Navigate to CoPilot > Advanced Outreach. Click the +CREATE option in the top-right to create and configure a new Advanced Outreach


Name: Set the name of the Advanced Outreach; this will only be visible to internal users

Type: Select either Accounts or Relationships

Run On: Select the Date for the Advanced Outreach to begin running on.

Model: Select the Model to be used for this Advanced Outreach. For more information on this, see Models below.

Survey: Select the Survey (1 only) to be used with this Advanced Outreach. This must be configured in the Survey tab first. For more information on creating surveys, refer to the Survey Properties article.

Status: This field indicates if an Advanced Outreach has a Draft, Active, Paused, or Stopped status. Until the outreach is published, it remains in Draft status.

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